Una familia de asientos unidos por un lenguaje icónico. Torcello is inspired by the familiar shape of concrete benches, contrasting with the solid proportions, which give a positive sense of stability, and the lightness of the construction.


The Torcello stool is characterized by its original design reminiscent of the Greek Pi, which is linked to the symbolism of infinity. Similarly, the Torcello stool lends itself to countless uses and furnishing solutions, thanks to the multiple color options, extreme structural lightness and small size.


Defne Koz + Marco Susani

Defne Koz y Marco Susani son diseñadores reconocidos y premiados que han trabajado juntos durante aproximadamente 10 años, diseñando productos más vendidos, creando productos impactantes, icónicos y emocionalmente atractivos para las personas, innovando experiencias e imaginando el futuro.

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