Artisan quality and exclusive design

CIMENTO® was born from the intuition of a craftsman who transferred the experience in veneering wooden essences to the application of a material that is “traditional” in its aesthetic aspect as well as innovative in its concept.

CIMENTO® products are the result of manual work, where care and craftsmanship are the fundamental components: each piece is unique and any small imperfections on the surface testify to the craftsmanship.

Each element is a work in itself, which contains tradition and skills combined with contemporary designs.


CIMENTO® is also R&D: thanks to the company internal laboratory, the research team made up of chemical experts and craftsmen, tests the resistance of the material, the color rendering and studies the best techniques to satisfy the client’s requests and to offer the most innovative solutions.


FSC® and PEFC certification

The research and use of natural materials make CIMENTO® a green-oriented product, certified by international certifications such as the FSC® and PEFC, specific for the forestry sector and for products deriving from forests.

ISO 9001 certification for CIMENTO®

CIMENTO®brand is ISO 9001 certified. This international certification attests the company efforts in a path of continuous evolution and improvement of its own qualitative standards. In this way, CIMENTO® proves itself as an avant-garde reality, constantly oriented towards progress and new challenges.